Sunday, September 17, 2017

Big Field For @WSOP Seniors Now

There's about 115 players already here to start $250 WSOP Circuit Seniors event as the clock hits 10am.

This is a single-entry tournament with 10,000 starting stacks and 30-minute levels.
OriginalJohnTheTD has just announced Cards in the Air, and there's about 10 players still queuing up to register.

Registration is open to the start of Level 9 at about 2:30pm and a 30-minute dinner break is set for the end of Level 16 at about 6:45pm.

Tiis is a one-day event, so someone is going to win a Circuit Ring at the end of the tournament. The winner does not, however, earn point toward the Casino Champion title since the event is restricted to ONLY players age 50 and above.

Level - 1
Blinds - 25/50
Entries - 115

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