Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chipcounts for final 19 in Monaster Stack

@WSOP Circuit $365 Monster Stack has its Day 2 restart today at Noon.

Here are the final 19 players by chipcount. Hieu Le and Al Sanchez lead the way, with TVP Circuit Ring Winner Brett Murray close behind.

Hieu Le n/a 625,000
Al Sanchez Penryn, CA 605,000
Joe Kenney Santa Rosa, CA 583,000
Brett Murray Santa Rosa, CA 466,000
Donald Deeds Angels Camp, CA 451,000
Deryl Taylor Auburn, CA 421,000
James Dionisio Elk Grove, CA 399,000
Farzad Abbaszadeh Santta Clarita 388,000
Loan Truong Sacramento,C A 358,000
Nabil Zumout Stockton, CA 318,000
Jesse Campos Chico, CA 279,000
Steve Spatz Alamo, CA 250,000
Lorena Chiquillo Elk Grove, CA 230,000
John Farmer Talent, OR 223,000
Daniel Evans Chico, CA 200,000
Dax Merilos Elk Grove, CA 109,000
Robert Bugatto SF, CA 98,000
Chris Picquette Fresno, CA 28,000
Hong Moon n/a DNR

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