Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Connor's Kings Fall

Jae 'Cobra' Pak is all in as the shortstack, Mike Harvey Calls, then Connor Henderson moves in and Harvey calls that as well.

Cobra has pocket Two's
Harvey has Aj
Connor has pocket Kings

Cobra goes Set with a Deuce in the window (Marvin Karlins would be so proud), but Connor gets the side pot.

So, despite there being a 3-way all-in, 2 players at risk ..there's no eliminations and we're still 7-handed in the $580.

Well, make that 6 as Ronald Segni is out in 6th place while I was writing this up, so I missed all the action. Segni cashes for $2,044.

Level - 20
Blinds - 4k/8k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 6/128

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