Thursday, September 14, 2017

Double Without a Call

There's an open to 6,600 by David Olson, a call from Ed Miller and one more player.

Action checks around on the 2d - 9h - Kh flop, then a bet to 7500 on the 4c turn, with Miller snap-moving all-in for 11,200 more.

His challenger asks for a count, takes about a minute, and finds a fold.

Miller gains a little more than a full double despite not being called on the turn.

Ed "NtA" Miller - 53,000 - I can't use the full nickname, his wife doesn't like me using this one.

There was a LevelUp as I wrote this, so action is now at\

Level - 14
Blinds - 1k/2k
Antes - 300
Remaining - 26/154

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