Sunday, September 17, 2017

Emerson's 46o Scores Monster Pot

I showed up to see the tournament chipleader move all in on the 9-7-5-8 board and Thomas Emerson make the call for his 'last,' 232,000, asking "do you have a set?"

The chipleader - who prefers his name not be listed in updates - says no and turns over 4-6 for a 6-card straight.

I wish I had seen the preflop action, for Emerson turns over pocket Queens. I wonder how came along with 46-off in that spot ...

The onetime chipleader is drawing dead and Emerson takes over the chiplead, moving to 650,000 while his challenger 'slips' to 500,000

Three hands later - on a K-5-6 flop - Emerson puts Daniel Evans all in and Evans finds a call for his last 72,000.

Evans shows 88 and is ahead of Emerson's A6.

The board runs out J-3 and Evans moves to 200,000, with Emerson back to 500k.

Event 1 Level - 20
Blinds - 4k/8k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 72/1406

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