Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Play 3 More

@WSOP Monster Stack players are on their final 15-minute break of the night. Levels move now to 45 minutes long for the last three levels tonight and all of tomorrow in the $365 Monster Stack.

Play wraps up tonight at the end of Level 21 at about Midnight. Remaining players Bag-'n-Tag to come back Wednesday at Noon and play down to a Ring Winner.

With 33 cashing and 45 remaining, there's a pretty good chance everyone coming back is already going to be in the money. Players CAN tighten up, but it seems unlikely to only lose a player every 8-9 minutes at this point.

When play resumes, action is at

Level - 19
Blinds - 3k/6k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 45/309

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