Saturday, September 23, 2017

Um, Wow, That Really Happened

Man ... this game ... some days ...

So, you have a really, really good preflop hand that gets really really really good on the flop AND you get all your chips in the middle on the river.

You SHOULD get a full double, right?

Um, well, you see, what happened was ...

Arish Nat opened UTG with Kc Kc and drew one caller, from the BB.

The Kc Kc Kc flop looks pretty good to me.

Both players check.

There's a Jack on the turn, Nat bets and the BB check-calls.

River is yet another Jack. Nat bets, the BB check-shoves, Nat calls off his stack and shows his flopped nut flush.

The BB turns over pocket Jacks for runner-runner quads.

Level - 7
Blinds - 200/400
Antes - 50
Entries - 289

(hand history by the Twitter feed of Arish Nat, Copyright ©2017, All Rights Reserved)

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