Tuesday, October 17, 2017

$160 ChangeUp at 5pm

It's A Whole New Ballgame at 5pm as the ChangeUp joins the NorCal Classic lineup. How good is this, ChangeUp at 5, Dodgers/Cubs at 6, come on down.
  • Buy in for $160 and start out playing at 9-handed no-limit tables. 
  • ChangeUp when down to 24 players by moving to four 6-handed shootout tables
  • Winners of the four shootout tables ChangeUp to play heads-up for the title.
Start with 12,000 chips and play 20-minute levels during the 6 levels registration is open. Registration and a single re-entry per player is available until the start of level 7 at 7:15pm. Play extends to 30-minute levels from Level 7 until conclusion of the event.

Here's the structure sheet to take a look at.

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