Sunday, October 22, 2017

3 All in, Avalos All Out

@Dval17, @AvalosJust and Richard Elson get all their chips in the middle preflop, Valdez having the other two players e and Avalos the shortest stack.

Avalos has Ace_King
Pocket Jacks for Valdez
Pocket Sixes for Elson (above)

The 3-5-8 flop has Beast set for a double elimination and a 900,000 stack.

Turn ... 6 ... Elson catches a set

river is a blank, Avalos is eliminated in 20th place - $2,355 - and Elson is up to 275,000 with Valdez at 675,000.

Level - 20
Blinds - 6k/12k
Antes - 2k
Remaining - 19/204

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