Wednesday, October 18, 2017

6 Bets, 3 Pots

OK, let's see if everyone can keep up with all the action here.

  • There's an open to 1,200 from Paul Brown
  • A short-stack moves all in for 2,800
  • George Cabrey 4-bets to 5,000
  • The woman in the 10 seat calls the 5,000
  • Brown 5-bets all in for 8,850 total
  • Cabrey tries to 6-bet minraise, doesn't get quite enough out there so it takes a minute to get the correct total 12,700 bet out, and calls the 12,700.

OK, got that?

  • There's a main pot for the 2,800 all-in with 3 callers
  • There's a sidepot for Brown's 5-bet all-in with 2 callers
  • There's a second sidepot with Cabrey's 6-bet and one caller

The flop is 2-2-K, an all-in and a call from Cabrey.

  • King-Queen for Seat 10
  • Pocket Jacks for Cabrey
  •  is the shorter stack, so she stands to double her remaining 9,900
  • She's also ahead of the Ace-Queen of Brown for the first sidepot.
  • She's also ahead of the pocket Sixes of the short-stack for the main pot.

The board runs out 4-5 and after all that work, one player scoops all three pots, collects two $25 bounties and off they go on a 15-minute break. The player in seat 10, who won all the chips, left before I could get here name, so I'll add that once she returns.

You do the math on the total number of chips, this one hurt my head, I'm going to take some Aleve.

Players are now on registration break. Registration is closed when they return, and action moves to

Level - 7
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Entries - at least 84

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