Thursday, October 19, 2017

Event 6 Results

A late double-up in #NorCalClassic Event 6 gave Osias Lacayanga control of the chips and brought the tournament to its conclusion. 

Here are all the payouts.

10/19/17$125 NLHE$5k GTD
$7,200Prize Pool
9Places Paid
1OsiasLacayangaDaly City, CA$1,341
1ElissaNormanSacramento, CA$1,341
1JosephPenaNapa, CA$1,341
1JosephEsparzaLodi, CA$1,341
5ZhaoleiXuThousand Oaks, CA$540
6AlbertSanchezPenryn, CA$432
7FaithfulZaragozaCitrus Hts, CA$360
8JasonMaatGrand Rapids, MI$288
9RobertFenleyStockton, CA$216

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