Saturday, October 21, 2017


Toan Nguyen opens for 4,500, draws a call from the cutoff, another from Rellie Sigua in the SB, then David Valdez moves all in from the BB for his last 43,900.

Nguyen takes about a minute to fold, the cutoff takes about 5 seconds. Sigua asks for a count ... has about 80,000 behind ... and calls with Jack_Ten.

Valdez shows pocket Fives and he's pushing up from his seat when the flop goes Q-J-4.

"Whoa," says Valdez when a Five lands on the turn.

Sigua his his set on the river .. Jack on the river .. but that gives Valdez a full house and he moves to 100,000.

There was a LevelUp as I wrote this, so action is now at

Level - 12
Blinds -1200/2400
Antes - 400
Remaining - 76/204

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