Sunday, October 22, 2017

It Was Fun While it Lasted

Richard Elson makes it 100,000, Robert Pacleb moves all in for 350,000, Timon Rooney undershoves for 225,000, Tom Emerson thinks a moment, then folds and Elson takes a while before releasing his cards.

Pacleb (above) has Kings
Rooney has Queens

Elson folded Jacks
Emerson folded Nines

There's an Ace in the window ... and a Nine ... Emerson's could'a been set ...

No Queen (or Jack) on the turn or river and Timon's Amazing Journey ends in 16th place, a $2,943 cash.

Pacleb moves to 700,000

Level - 21
Blinds - 8k/16k
Antes - 2k
Remaining - 15/204

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