Saturday, October 21, 2017

Late Arrivals

A whole host of @TVPokerRoom tournament regulars filled #NorCalClassic seats during Level 2. Among the later arrivals is Travis Fujisaka, Jimmy Zeledon, Anton Dimagiba, Josh Morrow, Beast Valdez, Jaime Haletky, Yotam Shmuelov, Toan Nguyen, Thomas Emerson, Harlan Karnofsky, Ed Lewis (above), Kenny Tran, Spartacus Pincombe, Wilton Alejandro, Justo Avalos, Cy Williams, Hieu Le, Victor Paredes, Chris Hinchcliffe, Donald Landwirth, Ken Jorgensen and Darrell Cain.

There's a LevelUp so action is now at

Level - 3
Blinds - 100/200
Antes - 25
Entries - 133

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