Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Play 9-Handed, a Shootout AND Heads-Up Tonight

The $160 ChangeUp w/a $10,000 Guarantee starts now, @BenErwinPoker and @JohnQTD giving the Peel-and-Deal to get action started in this TVPokerRoom-created Event 3 in the Ante Up NorCal Classic.

It's a Whole New Ballgame, starting off by playing a standard 9-handed Hold'em tournament.

Play down to 24 left in the event.
Redraw at 24 to four 6-handed Hold'em tables
Play a shootout at each table - stay at that table until there's a table-winner at each of the four tables.

The Final Four move to heads-up Hold'em matches until there's a Champion.

Start with 12,000 chips, play 20-minute levels for the 6 levels of registration, moving to 30-minute levels from Level 7 until the end of play.

You'll find the structure sheet and the payout schedule here.

Level - 1
Blinds - 25/50
Entries - 25

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