Sunday, October 22, 2017

Richardson KO's 2 More

Jimmy Zeledon moves in for his last 6BB and Paul Richardson goes over the top all in. David Valdez - in the BB - is now put to the test and he's unsure whether to walk away or call off his 350,000.

A minute later and it is a 3-way all-in

Zeledon (above) -  qc Kc
Valdez - Kc Kc
Richardson - Kc Kc

The board runs out Kc Kc Kc Kc - Valdez adds a flush draw and a gutter to a Ten - river Kc and the final table is going to be 9-handed instead of 10.

Zeledon is out in 11th place, Valdez in 10th, both cashing for $4,199.

Richardson heads to the final table with 2,060,000 - 34 percent of all the chips in play.

Level - 23
Blinds - 12k/24k
Antes - 4k
Remaining - 9/204

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