Wednesday, November 29, 2017

1 2 Go

There's one level left in registration - plus the 15-minute break - for tonight's Day 1B in the $100,000 Guaranteed Action8 and among the players at the tables looking for a Day2Bag is ...

Arish Nat, Lon McEachern, Tony Bracy, Josh Morrow, Kelly Douglas, Nick Colvin, Hong Zhang, Al Sanchez, Tom Emerson, Salas Alam, Event 6 winner Craig Buchmiller, Wilton Alejandro, Adam Sanchez, Event 4 winner Jeff Lennon, Marty Gorenc, Rafael Gonzalez, Andrey Plotnikov, Kelsey Uy, Sharon Sanchez, Timon Rooney, Brett Murray, Matt Boddorf, Event 2 winner Lay Saelee, Mitch Gamble, Nick Pupillo, Roger Bailey, Mario Lopez, Hector Martin, Carrie Diggs and James Rosenberger. 

Level - 8
Blinds - 500/1k
Antes - 100
Entries - 82

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