Saturday, November 25, 2017

Boats Agree With Bob

JeffTheDealer flagged me down as I was picking up seats cards from bustouts to check out the action at his table, so out came the iPad and off to work I went.

Thomas Emerson had opened for 7,000 in to a 17,000 pot and drew one caller. Action moved around to the third player in the hand - Bob Mather (above) - who moved all in for his remaining 21,050 (count verified by JeffTheDealer)

The board was already showing Kc Kc Kc Kc

Emerson rechecked the count, and made the call, with the third player undershoving (moving all-in for less than the existing bet = undershove) and up went the cards.

Emerson - Kc Kc - he flopped trips
Short Stack - Kc Kc - he flopped a flush draw and turned a gutter to a straight
Mather - Kc Kc - he also flopped trips and was behind, but turned a boat.

Emerson can still pair his 9 for a bigger boat, while the short stack is drawing dead.

River .... Kc

Mather moves to 75,000
Emerson slips to 44,000
The Short Stack has until the start of Level 9 to use his one available re-entry.

There was a LevelUp as I wrote this, so action is now at

Level - 7
Blinds - 250/500
Antes - 75
Entries - 202

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