Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Elson KO's Prager

Josh Prager - 18th in the opening Launch event in the @WTPDeepStacks Series - is all in for his last 7,300 and Rich Elson makes the call.

Elson says, "We are racing," when he turns over Ace_King and is surprised when Prager shows King_Nine, so he talks about expecting a Nine to come.

The 5-J-T flop has Elson looking at Prager picking up a backdoor straight draw., another Ten doesn't worry him, but when the Queen hits on the river, Elson thinks he's lost to a rivered straight by Prager.

It takes Elson a moment to realize he flopped a gutter to Broadway and got there on the river, a bigger straight, and off for a re-entry goes Prager.

Level - 6
Blinds - 300/600
Antes - 100
Entries - 78

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