Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sasha KO's 2

Blong Moua thinks long and hard about the two all-ins in front of him, Sasha Sabbaghian and Chirag Bhalgami. He has Balghami covered but Sabbaghian is the BigStack among the trio.

The board is 3-K-T-Q.

Moua flips out a single chip and says call, and the dealer asks all three hands be exposed.

Each player holds their cards instead and the dealer asks a few more times before each player shows.

Moua has Queen_Ten for middle two pair
Bhalgami has King_Seven for TopPair
Sabbaghiam has pocket Threes for bottom set.

Bhalgami is drawing dead and Moua is hoping to pair his Queen or Ten.

The river is a blank and Sabbaghain eliminates two in one hand, moving to about 450,000 and the overall chiplead.

Bhalgami and Moua each receive $890 as mincashers in today's final day of play.

Level - 16
Blinds - 2k/4k
Antes - 500
Remaining - 41/354

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