Friday, November 24, 2017

Still Running

The countdown is on to see who is going to be among the final 17 players today advancing to Sunday's Day 2 in the $100,000 Guarantee @WPTDeepStacks Kickoff Event Championship Series.

Among those still BagHunting is Hong Zhang, Lance Donnell, Kirk Rexford, Tracy Oto, Jeff Day, Monte Gilley, Arish Nat, Adam Duong, Rick Defer, Cary Marshall, Carrie Diggs, Thomas Emerson, Don Deeds, Spartacus Pincombe, Bobby Rooney, James,Rosenberg Cy Williams, Wood Bailey and Eric Matulis.

Level - 10
Blinds - 500/1k
Antes - 100
Remaining - 64/133

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