Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Crowd Continues To Grow

The list of Usual Suspects already here in Level 2 of Day 1B in the @WPTDeepStacks Championship Series Kickoff Event is gonna take y'all a while to get through, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and settle in.

Amopng those in the final starting flight of the $100,000 Guarateed $560 is ...

Justo Avalos, Jaime Haletky, Rob Anderson, Rommel Santos, Mike Harvey, Steve Kujubu, Mario Lopez, Dalton Still, Donna Delfin, Chris Hinchcliffe, Todd Graham, Theresa Cummings, Ed Miller, Tahoe Andrew, David Olson, Craig Buckmiller, Thomas Emerson, Marty Gorenc, Steven Geralis, Babe Prescott, Matt Boddorf, Michael Cooper, Sam Korn, Wilton Alejandro, Lance Donnell, Randy Gil, Donald Landwirth, Victor Paredes, Yotam Shmuelov, Rafael Gonzalez, Allan Fernando, JohnnyTrips Sheehan, George Saca, Travis Fujisaka, Jon Des Pois, Toan Nguyen, Rickey Evans, Rian Mullins, Eric Matulis, Daniel Evans, Derrick Geliberte, Archie Snider, Mo Safapour and Yaroslaw Markowiak.

Oh, don't forget there's 6 more coming over in a few minutes from this morning's Turbo Satellite.

Level - 2
Blinds - 75/150
Entries - 136

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