Sunday, November 26, 2017

The First Dent in Sasha's Armor

The action was nothing special preflop, Warren Kashiwagi and Sasha Sabbaghian to the flop.

Sabbaghian looks a bit surprised when Kashiwagi slides a full stack of orange 5k chips in front of him on the 6-8-T flop.

He does make the call, then sees Kashiwagi add 130,000 more on the 2 turn, putting two spades on the board.

Sabbaghian asks to see how many total chips Kashiwagi has (~500k behind) and he moves all in. Kashiwagi takes about 15 seconds, and calls off his stack.

Kashiwagi has Nine_Ten of Spades, top pair, a flush draw and a gutter to the 7 for a straight.
Sabbaghian has Ace_Eight of Spades - a better flush draw and one over.

The river is a red 6 and Kashiwagi is going to double through the massive chipleader.

Kashiwagi moves to 1.5 million
Sabbaghiam slides to 1.6 million

Blinds - 10k/20k
Antes - 3k
Remaining - 6/354

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