Friday, December 1, 2017

3rd for @AngelaJordison

A rough last 45 minutes as 2/3rds of Angela Jordison's chips have gone to Carlo Castagnetto.

Jordison moves all in for her last 350,000 and Castagnetto calls.

Jordison is needing help, her Ace_Ten of Hearts behind the Ace_Jack of Castagnetto.

The J-9-x flop gives Castagnetto a set and Jordison looking for runner-runner cards.

The turn Deuce wraps it up and Jordison finishes 3rd in the OneDay$50,000 Guarantee, cashing for $6,431.

Castagnetto has a 3-1 chiplead on Salas Alam as Heads-up play is about to begin.

Level - 24
Blinds - 12k/24k
Antes - 4k
Remaining - 2/118

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