Monday, December 4, 2017

Championship Mincashes

The final 50 players in the Million Dollar Guaranteed @WPTDeepStacks $2500 Championship are back from dinner break.

There is no determined hard-stop time yet, but it is very unlikely the group is going to play down to the final table before stopping.

Here are the players who earned 44,011 by finishing in 55-63rd place.

55KennethJorgensenRnch Cordova, CA$4,011
56HemanthKumarSan Jose, CA$4,011
57LuisMonjarazUkiah, CA$4,011
58SterlingSavillDover, FL$4,011
59BrianPhillisDike, IA$4,011
60ArutyunArutyunyanGlendale, CA$4,011
61MatthewRosanbalmOr City, OR$4,011
62MarcDanaiSan Jose, CA$4,011
63JasthiKumarSan Ramon, CA$4,011

Level - 18
Blinds - 4k/8k
Antes - 1k
Remaining - 50/501

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