Sunday, December 3, 2017

Early Arrivals

Midway through the first of 12 scheduled levels in Day 1B of the Million Dollar Guarantee $2,500 @WPTDeepStaacks Championship and here's who we see as we take a look around the tournament area.

-- Nick Pupillo, Tyler Patterson, Jared Greiner, Kathy Liebert, Jaroslaw Markowiak, Greg White, Kelly Douglas, Chris Hinchcliffe, Michael Loncar, Erle Mankin, Josh Prager, Kyle Kitagawa, Matt Boddorf, Daniel Evans, Niv Decalo, Mike Harvey, Arish Nat, Greg Wagner, Gina Stagnitto, Cary Marshall, Paul Richardson, Randy Gil, Jed Hoffman, Babe Prescott, Jonathan George, Archie Snider, Paul McCaffrey, Jasthi Kumar, Bill Watchman, Travis Fujisaka, Kyle Stronski, Hong Zhang, George Cabrey, Harley Wilmot, Pedro Rodriguez ,Kulwant Singh, Tom Emerson, Craig Buchmiller, Kirk Rexford, Marty Gorenc, Jaime Rones, David Olson and Jimmy Zeledon.

Level - 1
Blinds - 50/100
Entries - 138

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