Monday, December 4, 2017

Gaspard Gets Everyone Paid

There's a Jack_High flop, a player opens for 22,000 and Jean Gaspard moves out enough 5k chips to put the player to a decision for his tournament life on the money bubble in the Million Dollar Guaranteed @WPTDeepStacks $2500 Championship.

The player finds a call with Ace_Queen and Gaspard shows King_Jack for top pair.

The turn 10 adds a sweat, but the river blanks and Gaspard bursts the bubble. The remaining 63 players are in the money, and 45 minutes away from a dinner break.

Kelly Douglas, Tony Bracy, Mario Lopez, Roger Bailey, Cord Garcia, Michael Loncar, Kathy Liebert, Pedro Rodriguez, Jed Hoffman, Michael Lin, Ben Keeline, Jonathan George, Hong Zhang, Harry Arutyunyan, Yotam Shmuelov, Ken Jorgensen, Cy Williams, Taylor Black, Justo Avalos, Tom West, Tuan Mai and Yanki Koppel are among those in the hunt for the $220k up top.

Level -
Blinds -
Antes -
Remaining - 63/501

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