Friday, January 12, 2018

254 for #TVWSOPCircuit Day 1C

Registration has closed on the third of five starting flights in @WSOP circuit @Thunder_Valley and @KellyD7127 Douglas (above) is chipleader with 82,000 as level 9 begins.

The board shows 254 total entries, bringing Event 1 to 577 entries.

Play continues until the end of Level 15, players still with chips at that point Bag-N-Tag to return Sunday at 11am for Day 2.

Here's the players from Day 1A and B who have already qualified for Sunday.

Day 1D begins at 4pm, playing in the outer tournament area and the hotel lobby tournament area.

Day 1C Level - 9
Blinds - 300/600
Antes - 75
Entries - 254

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