Wednesday, January 17, 2018

580 Ramping Up

Greg Armand moved across from Day 2 of the Monster Stack, where he completed Day 2 play in 21st place, to join the field early in Event 8 - the $580.

Among those joining him so far is Tony a racy, Warren Kashiwagi, Candace Collins, Neil Scott, Carl Oliver, Mike Harvey, Stephen Worland, Rafael Gonzalez, Salas Alam, Jasthi Kumar, Jerry Utke, James Minghini, Lorena Chiquillo, Mitch Gamble, Joe Muscat, Tom Emerson, Kevin O’Donnell, Zeev Malkin, Amber Chatwin, Andrew Barber, Josh Morrow, Sean Drake, Bob Mather, Loren Cloninger and James Hoeppner.

There's a LevelUp as I wrote this, so action now moves to

Level - 3
Blinds - 100/200
Entries - 73

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