Thursday, January 18, 2018

6-Max GrindIsReal

Closing in on 200 entries eliminated in today's $365 6-Max - Event 10 in #TVWSOPCircuit series - as Level 11 moves near its close.

Among those RingHunting is Jason @YachtDookie Gooch, @LonMcEachern, Ben Keeline, Hafiz Khan, Events 4 and 8 winner Ron Brown, Woody Moore, Victor Paredes, Kirk Rexford, Georgene Farmer, Sylvia Day, Sharon Helldorfer, Rian Mullins, Jerry Utke, Jon Des Pois, Niv Decalo, Rich Elson, Randy Gil, Greg White, Jeff Lennon, Jasthi Kumar, Roger Bailey, Bobby Rooney, Donna Delfin, Jed Hoffman, Joe Mussat, Lance Donnell and Matt Boddorf.

Level - 11
Blinds - 500/1k
Antes - 100
Remaining - 66/253

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