Saturday, January 13, 2018


There's still 275 players in Day 1E of the record-setting #TVWSOPCircuit Event 1 as Level 10 moves along.

Among those searching for the elusive Day2Bag is Dee Timmons, Barry Birdwell, Steve Kujubu, David Olson, Michael Lin, Steven Michaelis, Brandon Boatman, Mike Jobe, JohnnyTrips Sheehan, Jeff Day, Thai Nguyen, Mike Harvey, Lance White, Will Chao, Vikram Bhatia, Georgene Farmer, Ian Steinman, Pat Lyons, Lynda Hernandez, Rick Peterson, Mike Heshmati, Tracy Oto, Hector Martin, Bob Mather, Eric Matulis, Roger Bailey, John Farmer and Josh Morrow.

Level - 10
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Remaining - 275/629

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