Monday, January 22, 2018

Elisa Nakagawa - 4th Place - $63,326

Elisa Nakagawa gets the last of her chips in the middle preflop and Roland Shen finds the call.

Nakagawa shows Ace_Six of Clubs
Shen has Ace_Queen off.

The 2-J-9, one-club flop keeps Shen in the lead, but the 7 of Clubs on the turn pours a heap of outs Nakagawa's way.

The river 5 is a spade and Nakagawa is out in 4th place, a $63,326 cash in the first main event of any sort that she's ever played.

Level - 29
Antes - 10k
Blinds - 30k/60k
Remaining - 3/599

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