Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Grinding the 580

Coming up on the end of Level 10 in today's $580 - Event 8 in the #TVWSOPCircuit Series - and more than half the field has been eliminated.

Among those grinding it out include Pat @FlyinLyons, Neil Scott, Bob Mather, Hafiz Khan, Andrew Barber, James Hoeppner, Niv Decalo, Rafael Gonzalez, David Larson, Carl Oliver, Salas Alam, Sharon Sanchez, Joe Mussat, Jerry Utke, Mike Harvey, Jimmy Zeledon, Zeev Malkin, Tony Brady, Amber Chatwin, Josh Morrow, Tom Emerson, John Farmer and Rick Peterson.

Level - 10
Blinds - 400/800
Antes - 100
Remaining - 54/128

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