Saturday, January 6, 2018

HInchcliffe Gets Some Back

Binds are climbing and the values of the chipstacks are decreasing quickly.

Chris Hinchcliffe - chipleader early in the event - slid down to just 7BB and facing an all-in from David Valdez for Beast's last 9BB.

Hinchcliffe snap-undershoved, everyone else stepped out of the way, and up went the cards.

Hinchcliffe - Ace_Queen
Valdez - Ace_Three.

They 5-6-7 flop gave Valdez outs to a 4 also. The turn 2 kept the outs the same.

River ... Queen... Valdez down to 2BB and Hinchcliffe up to 360,000.

Level - 23
Blinds - 12k/24k
Antes - 4k
Remaining - 22/465

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