Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kenny KO's Erle on Bubble

Kenny Tran cracks the pocket Aces of Erle Mankin on the fifth hand on the money bubble, eliminating Mankin to put the final 63 players in the money.

Among the locals and TVPokerRoom tourney regulars in the money today is Lynda Hernandez, Craig Gold, Greg Wagner, Spartacus Pincombe, Travis Fujisaka, Tony Bracy, Michael Scott, Josh Morrow, Justo Avalos, Kathy Stahl, Daniel Evans, Hafiz Khan, Wilton Alejandro, Ken Jorgensen, Josh Prager, Rich Elson and Joe Fernandez.

Level - 18
Antes - 500
Blinds - 2500/5k
Remaining - 63/599

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