Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lorena Chiquillo - 8th Place - $9,728

All in for her last few BB, Lorena Chiquillo (above) draws three callers.

The 5-4-7 flop is checked by all, but Andreas Kniep moves all in on the 2 turn and the other players depart the scene.

Kniep shows pocket Aces but has a sweat as Chiquillo has Ace_Jack of Hearts and the flop has two more hearts.

That's a black deuce on the river and Chiquillo is out in 8th place, cashing for $9,728.

A few hands earlier it was Peter Thao eliminated in 9th ($7,756) and Rudy Herrera finishing 10th for $6,256.

Blinds - 30k/60k
Antes - 10k
Remaining - 7/1511

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