Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lorena Doubles, Shayne is Unhappy

All in for her last 190,000 - at blinds of 25k/50k - Lorena Chiquillo has her chips in the middle and Hafiz Khan makes barely more than a minraise to 330,000.

Shayne Crum first seems confused as to whether the 140,000 more from Kahn is enough - it is - then he makes it clear he both does not like the raise and is unhappy about folding his hand.

Everyone else gets out of the way and up go the cards.

Ace_Seven for Chiquillo
King_Queen for Kahn
A moment of unhappy comments from Crum

More from Crum on the Ace_King_Nine flop as he says he folded Ace_Nine, and he chirps as the turn and river go Ten_Five, with Chiquillo gaining a full double.

"Why'd you do that, now she has more chips," says Crum, "We're supposed to try to knock players out."

"I didn't want everyone behind me coming along," says Khan. "I didn't want (to play King_Queen) 5-handed."

Blinds - 25k/50k
Antes - 5k
Remaining - 10/1511

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