Monday, January 1, 2018

Mixed Game Midweek Madness

For just $100 you can try your hand at Omaha8, PLO and/or HORSE this week during the $100k Series.

Here's your chance to give some different games a try - maybe for the first time - and at $100 it is the perfect way to learn why mixed game players are so passionate about their favorite games.

Take a look at the schedule below for the 6pm tournaments Tuesday through Thursday this week.

Tue1/26P4$100PLO - $2.5k GTD
Th.1/46P8$100Omaha8, $5k GTD

Meanwhile, back at the $30,000 Guaranteed $345 Event 1, there's a LevelUp so action moves to

Level - 6
Blinds - 200/400
Antes - 50
Entries - 117

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