Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Event 1 Payouts

The first step up the #TVWSOPCircuit Event 1 Pay Ladder brought a $662 payout for the players finishing in 118-135th place today.

The next pay jumps are $721 and $784. Once at the final table today, the 9th place mincash is $7,756 all the way up to $78,199 for the winner later tonight.

118AdamBarkerBonney Lake, WA$662
119JohnSheehanNovato, CA$662
120JoseLopezRoseville, CA$662
121JustinMooreWaterford, CA$662
122JeremyPriestPleasant Hill, CA$662
123JoshuaRobertsonFair Oaks, CA$662
124IsaacLeongSan Jose, CA$662
125CharlesBeitelspacherSan Jose, CA$662
126MarkoCarluenLathrop, CA$662
127ArsalanNajmabadiSF, CA$662
128MartinCarricoSacramento, CA$662
129WilliamChaoElk Grove, CA$662
130LarryGreenDeer Park, TX$662
131HoangToElk Grove, CA$662
132TheresaCummingsNevada City, CA$662
133AnthonyIacolinoCitrus Hts., CA$662
134AnthonyWintersLivermore, CA$662
135JeffreyFarnesDallas, OR$662

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