Tuesday, January 2, 2018

PLO To Mohamed

Event 4 in the $100k Series - $100 PLO with a $2,500 Guarantee wrapped up with Ibrahim Mohamed having the chips and the top prize for the night.

Join us tomorrow night as the $100 Mixed Game Madness Bankroll Builders continue at 6pm with a $100 HORSE and also on Thursday at 6pm with a $100 Omaha8OB.

Here are tonight's final payouts.

1.2.18Event 4
$2,640Prize Pool
6Places Paid
1IbrahimMohamedTemecula, CA$783
2JaimeRasconHercules, CA$712
3MichaelMcGoughMather, CA$563
4FrankCobosOroville, CA$270
5ChristopherPenfieldFairfield, CA$191
6CarltonCamryeCarmichael, CA$120

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