Sunday, January 7, 2018

Stacks Scattering all Over

Greg Haubner and Sasha Sabbaghian went on break as the two top stacks with 15 left, both more than 500,000 clear of the rest of the field.

Those two side-by-side at table two - are now down quite a bit, with Chris Hinchcliffe the main recipient.

Jeff Spruitenberg had also moved up to about 800k, just lost 500k of it to Sunny Ratta when his flush draw missed against a flopped top two. Ratta is now at 900k

Hinchcliffe is up to 1.6  million
Sabbaghian down to 850,000
Huebner down to 750,000

Level - 25
Blinds - 20k/40k
Antes - 5k
Entries - 12/465

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