Monday, January 22, 2018

The Table Will Not Stop

Three short stacks have doubled up since moving to one table of 10 in the Main Event.

1. Steven Michaelis vociferously celebrated winning his race, AK > TT against Roland Shen.

2. Shen then came from far back to double through Wilton Alejandro, A7 > AJ by going runner-runner for a 4-card straight.

3. Greg Guth quietly doubled, 88 > K9, through then-chipleader Hafiz Khan. This marks the first time in Day 2 that Khan has not been chipleader .. 13 hours worth .. Elisa Nakagawa now leads.

Level - 26
Antes - 5k
Blinds - 15/30k
Remaining - 10/599

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