Monday, January 22, 2018

Vijay Ramani - 8th Place - $22,031

No sooner than Josh Prager has walked under the ropes after finishing 9th, there's another all-in-and-a-call, this time Vijay Ramani at risk for his tournament life, holding and going against the of Greg Guth.

Ramani has Ace_Queen and is way behind the Ace_King of Guth.

The board blanks and Ramani cashes for $22,031 for his 8th place finish.

Roland Shen doubles through John Chase the very next hand, a wild 3-hand-segment there, and now play has settled 7-handed.

Level - 27
Antes - 5k
Blinds - 20k/40k
Entries - 7/599

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