Tuesday, January 16, 2018

When King Three is King

I showed up to see Jerry Utke facing a 20k bet on the river with the board reading Q-x-x-3-3.

Utke paused for just a moment, looked a wee bit confused, and then he slid out calling chips.

His challenger showed King_Seven for, well, for air.

Utke showed King_Three for runner-runner trips.

"I put you on nothing from the beginning, but I had to look again just in case I thought you made a hand," said Utke as he raked in a stack in today's Monster Stack.

81 remain, playing 21 levels tonight, returning at 11am tomorrow to play down to a winner.

Level - 16
Blinds - 1500/3k
Antes - 500
Remaining - 81/376

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