Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who's Here so Far

The board has clicked to more than 300 entries in today's $365 #TVWSOPCitruit Monster Stack and with a walk through the tournament area, here's a quick look at who I saw seated so far ...

Bob Mather and Candace Collins, Bill Watchman, Ben Keeline, Glen Larson, Justo Avalos, Niv Decalo, Jasthi Kumar, Darren Bortmas, Darrel Dier, Jose Hernandez, Mike Harvey, Jerry Utke, Cy Williams, Hieu Le,  Michael Loncar, Beast Valdez, Sharon Helldorfer, Zeev Malkin. Al Sanchez, JohnnyTrips Sheehan, Joe Shufelberger, Jeff Wakamiya, Ben Barad, Rian Mullins, Theresa Cummings, Lance Donnell, Craig Gold, Matt Boddorf, James Hoeppner, Sylvia Day, Rick Peterson, James Minghini, Sean Drake, Rickey Evans, Daniel Evans, Jimmy Zeledon, Nader 'Hollywood' Woods (above), Ed Miller, Rick Colson, Lorena Chiquillo, Lon McEachern, Kevin O’Donnell, Georgene Farmer, Woody Moore, Warren Kashiwagi, George Saca, Rich Eason, Randy Gil, Lay Saelee, Spartacus Pincomb, Salas Alam, Deb Wall, Chris Hinchcliffe, Kirk Redford, Darrell Cain, Joseph Arent, Justin Kelly, Rafael Gonzalez, Nate Bolinger and Jose Esparza.

Registration is open until 3:30pm

Level - 6
Blinds - 150/300
Antes - 25
Entries - 303

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