Monday, January 15, 2018

Win a Hold'em Ring Today

#TVWSOPCircuit Continues today with a $365 Hold'em and a $25,000 guarantee - cards in the air just now.

Begin with 10,000 stacks and play 30-minute levels in this Freezeout event - only one entry per player.

Registration is open until the start of Level 9 at about 3:30pm and plays down to a inner today of the fourth WSOP Circuit ring of this series - plus the cash as well.

There's two rings available today, as the 4pm tournament is a $365 Omaha8-or-better, the same Freezout (1 entry total per player) with 10,000 stacks, 30-minute levels and registration open to the start of Level 9 (8:30pm).

Level - 1
Blinds - 25/50
Entries - 80

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