Monday, February 26, 2018

WeekDay Sattys

Win your way in to @WPT Rolling Thunder series events for as little as $60 this week in a series of satellites on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The full series gets started on Thursday with Event 1 - a $1100 buy-in with a $100,000 Guarantee.

Check out the 3-day satellite schedule below, and CLICK HERE for the entire remaining WPT Rolling Thunder series schedule and structure sheets

Tue2/2711A$130 SattyAny $11003 Seats GTD
Tue2/274P$60 StepAny $250 Satty5 Seats GTD
Tue2/277P$250 SattyAny $11005 Seats GTD
Wed2/2811A$130 SattyAny $11003 Seats GTD
Wed2/284P$60 StepAny $250 Satty5 Seats GTD
Wed2/287P$250 SattyAny $11005 Seats GTD

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