Tuesday, March 27, 2018

180 for Day 1A Catapult

Registration has closed on the first of five starting flights in Event 1 of the @WPTDeepStacks series - $160 Catapult with a $100,000 Guarantee - and the board shows 180 entries.

Play now moves to 30-minute levels for the remainder of the tournament.

Day 1A continues until down to 14 players who bag-n-tag, returning Friday at 6pm for Day 2, playing down to a winner.

Players finishing tonight in 15-18th place all cash for $300 but do not move on to Friday's Day 2.

All players are eligible to play all five flights - even if you cash or bag-a-stack, this is a Best Stack Forward tournament.

Level - 7
Antes - 100
Blinds - 400/800
Entries - 1xx

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