Friday, March 30, 2018

3-Way All-in

Meynardo Gutierrez moves all in preflop for his last 390,000, Rob Hernandez goes over-the-top for about 1.2 milly and Rob Anderson calls off his 660,000 stack.

3 all in, here go the cards

Ace_Queen for Gutierrez
Pocket_Tens for Anderson
Pocket_Eights for Hernandez

The 6-2-K flop has Gutierrez still needing help.

That help comes with an Ace on the turn.

No 8 on the river so there's no knockout.

Gutierrez moves from 5BB to almost 20BB
Anderson only loses 120,000 by collecting the sidepot
Hernandez is down to 8BB

Level - 25
Antes - 10k
Blinds - 40k/80k
Remaining - 11/1049

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