Saturday, March 31, 2018

Adding Up Who is Here, Part II

#WPTDSThunderValley OneDay$100K moves in to Level 3 and we finally made it in to the main poker room area to check out all the entries in here. Among those Usual Suspects we saw is ...

Rafe Craft, Cornel Cimpan, David Larson, Rellie Sigua, Ryan Reilly, Paul McCaffrey, Kelly Douglas, George Saca, Justo Avalos, Wes Chung, Kulwant Singh, Eric Matulis, Rob Anderson, Wilton Alejandro, Randy Gil, Daniel Hughes, Sylvia Day, Jon Des Pois, Mike Postle, Richard Gonzalez, Chet Sickle, Spartacus Pincombe ... and everyone who is headed this way from the registration cage too ...

Level - 3
Antes - 50
Blinds - 150/300
Entries - 274

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